Mind and Body Chiropractic is such a great, down-to-earth community of people that genuinely care about others. I tested out several chiropractic offices and none of them were anywhere near as good as this one. Dr. Brown truly cares so much about his patients and everyone there makes you feel welcome everyday. I even look forward to casual conversations with other patients in the waiting area because the office is just that friendly. Dr. Brown devotes so much of his time to each patient but never keeps you waiting long either. It just really is a great place that quickly becomes more than just a doctor office. I would recommend them to anyone.

– Jen K.

I trust his spirit. He is an educator that leads by example. I think his approach to treatment is middle ground between holistic and western medicine.

– Dwight P.

I was recommended by a co-worker. Dr. Brown is an approachable educator who cares about his patients.

– Karen E.

Chiropractic is the way to go versus pain medicine. I have recommended Dr. Brown to several of my family and friends.

– Darryl G.

The office has a friendly environment and Dr. Brown is honest, trustworthy and cares about your overall health.

– Renee A.